Preceptorship Network Development - Half day event 30th November 2016

Wednesday, 30 November, 2016

On 30th November 2016 Health Education England working across the North West held a half day Preceptorship event.

Key objectives of the event were:

  • Feedback on the website develop and review
  • Agree Terms of Reference for the NW Preceptorship Development Network
  • Agree membership of the Network
  • Develop and agree the work plan for the Network

Attached are the presentation slides from the event ‘Preceptorship in NW NHS Trusts’ from the University of Chester, the event agenda and executive summary of the ‘Preceptorship in North West NHS Trusts and the development of an evidence based preceptorship toolkit’. ‘Preceptorship: the Way Forward- a flip chart summary’ from the previous event is also attached.

Presentation slides and materials from the previous event held on the 4th November are available on the eWIN page ‘Learning Together Preceptorship conference’

Preceptorship Case studies on eWIN:


The Preceptorship Toolkit is available here

‘Building on the feedback from the Preceptorship event in November 2016, and continuing to work in co-production, we are now looking to establish the Preceptorship Network, which will be responsible for driving forward the future development of the Preceptorship Toolkit.

The Preceptorship Network will be formed of two inter-connected components:

  1. A core network which will include approximately 10-12 members to constitute the Preceptorship Network Board and be responsible for providing strategic guidance, driving the contribution processes, implementing the Terms of Reference and attending bi-monthly meetings.
  2. A virtual network which will encompass the vast community of multi-disciplinary members responsible for contributing virtually with the Board on content for further development of the Toolkit. Communication will be maintained virtually on a regular basis.

Attached below are more details on the aims and objectives of the Network, and an outline of the Network work plan for 2017-2018 - please view the first 2 documents below (March 2017 versions v1.1): Network Plan table updated Mar 17 V1.1.docx and Preceptorship Network Development Mar 17 V1.1.docx.

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