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Mental Health Service Users' Involvement in Staff Training

5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (5BP) is based in Warrington, Cheshire, and specialises in Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Community Services.The Trust set up a Service Users and Carers Presentation Skills Group in November 2010, composed of mental health service users and carers. Members of this group are given the opportunity to contribute to the Trust’s strategy for future care pathways and to critique and influence comprehensive training packages, before staff commence training. Thus their role has a major impact on the learning and development of staff.

Skills for Care and Skills for Health - Carers Matter

Skills for Care has worked in partnership with Skills for Health to develop a range of resources that will support employers, organisations and staff to better support carers. These resources are based upon a set of Common Core Principles for working with carers, which describe the behaviours that carers would like to see when professionals are working with them, and provide a foundation for good practice and a benchmark for training. They also provide a unifying set of standards, which all those who deliver training can use.

Orthoptics - An invisible profession?

This information is primarily aimed at service commissioners and workforce planners, however it is also an awareness raising tool for all in respect of a small profession that is often misunderstood and, in some cases, not fully recognised in terms of its importance.Two key facts about the Orthoptist profession:

  •       they save lives and make a real and highly valuable difference to the patients they treat
  •       they offer value for money services and can make a significant contribution to cost savings and the QIPP agenda


The Implementation of a Coaching for Quality Strategy in Mid Cheshire Hospitals

The Trust adopted a Coaching for Quality Strategy which included a commitment to developing a coaching programme across the Trust to allow trained coaches to support, challenge, develop and build success in all areas of the organisation. In addition, it was accepted in the strategy that coaching would become the preferred leadership approach.

Yorkshire & the Humber Apprentice Profile - Gavin Hunter

Prior to starting the Level 3 NHS Apprenticeship programme, Gavin had been working as a level 2 dispenser in a community pharmacy for over a year, before which he had undertaken a full-time course at college.His community pharmacy employer recommended the Pre-registration trainee pharmacy technician programme, which he subsequently started at Sheffield College. While the course came highly recommended, he states that he gained more from it than initially expected.