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High Impact Changes for Health and Wellbeing 4: Access to better, local, high-quality, accredited occupational health services

Monday, 15 October, 2012

The NHS faces a huge challenge to reduce its sickness absence rate to an average of 3.4% over the year 2013/14 and all NHS organisations have a part to play to help meet this. To achieve this goal each Trust needs to develop a clear focus on staff health and well-being, as outlined in the Department of Health’s NHS Health and Well-Being Improvement Framework.This hot topic is the fourth of a series of five documents, linked to the high impact changes.Timely access to appropriate health services that meet the health needs of NHS staff is a key component in reducing the burden of ill health amongst staff and in increasing staff attendance. Rapid interventions can reduce the length of an absence and prevent some conditions from becoming chronic. More in the series     

  •       Strong visible leadership
  •       Local evidence-based improvement plans
  •       Supported by improved management capability
  •       Access to better, local high quality accredited occupational health services
  •       Staff are encouraged, and enabled, to take more personal responsibility


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