Improving Pre and Post Registration Retention Event

Monday, 22 February, 2016

The HEE Mandate, requires us to reduce avoidable attrition from training programmes by 50% by 2017. It is clear from research that not all students are at the same risk of leaving a course and that a direct comparison between HEIs does not provide a true picture that allows us to compare improvement. True success needs to be based on the difference between what the expected attrition rate for a HEI is calculated at against its expected rate, given the characteristics of the individual students, such as socio-economic status and disability, that are on that course of study. The PASS study will showcase in the morning of the conference the research behind this approach and the methodology used in the NW for developing true performance benchmarking.Retention is affected by a multitude of factors across both academic  whilst in University and within the clinical placement. At a previous event (impact of Placementents on Retention HENW event) we explored retention in the academic setting, in the afternoon of this conference we focus on interventions designed to support a student during placement. We will be showcasing the North West’s Student Placement Retention Action Plan which came out of the event, alongside examples of good practice across the region.

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