An innovative approach to bedside handovers

Monday, 21 January, 2019

Throughout 2018 the wards at Pennine Acute NHS Trust have been encouraged to adopt the process of “Bedside handovers”. Pearce (2018) describes this as communication at the bedside, giving patients a chance to ask questions and be heard.  Adopting this process has proved challenging and staff have experienced uncertainties around sharing of sensitive information, protecting privacy, how to involve patients and ultimately how to use it effectively to improve staff and patient experience.

Ward C3 at North Manchester General Hospital (NMGH) has formulated a structured process to assist this initiative led by the Ward Sister Nicola Aliu with support from the Quality Nurse Janet Clegg and the Quality Improvement Team at Pennine. The process utilises a supplementary handover sheet (see Appendix 1) detailing all elements of the safety huddle which is designed to promote communication and engagement opposed to the standard approach which could be viewed as merely a listening exercise.  

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