Advanced Practitioner Development Using Work-Based Learning Sets

Thursday, 26 February, 2015

As part of their workforce modernisation strategy East Lancashire NHS Trust (ELHT) has developed a number of advanced practitioner posts. These have been established in clinical areas where the organisation has identified a need for the role through workforce and business planning processes. Training requirements for the role include completion of a Masters in Advanced Practice as part of a two-year development programme.As with any new role there is a need to demonstrate the impact of the role to colleagues and commissioners. It is therefore critically important that the trainee advanced practitioners (TAdPs) can apply their learning in practice, acting as innovators and champions of service transformation initiatives. They can only achieve this if their learning experience is robust and equally supported by both education and practice. As such a proactive programme has been developed within ELHT to support TAdPs in the workplace through the facilitation of work-based learning sets (WBLS).

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