Transforming lives through community health seminars

Friday, 16 June, 2017

A 'Learning Matters' awards 2017 Case Study.

It was recognised by the Patient Participation Group of Court Thorn Surgery in Cumbria, who work closely with the GP Practice, that the services of General Practice are not the panacea of all ailments and care. Much can be done by the patients for the patients and their community. The balance of power can be shifted, to the patients and the public, by the provision of better information and advice.

Transforming Lives through Community Health Seminars has been running for a year. A bi-monthly Health Seminar is put on within the local practice community that addresses the needs of patients and public within the catchment area of Court Thorn Surgery. The practice population spread is over 250 square miles in a rural setting within Eden Valley, Cumbria.

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