Transforming Learning Environments Phase 1

Wednesday, 21 May, 2014

Health Education North West (HENW) has made significant investments in creating and developing several learning infrastructure network functions to ensure high quality support for learners. The North West has a very successful history and well developed networks for delivering high quality workplace-based education experiences through its educational networks  which are the Practice Education Facilitators (PEFs), Work Based Education Facilitators (WBEFs), Placement Development Network and the Skills for Health Academy North West.The available learning infrastructures provide support mechanisms across learner groups ranging from  young people undertaking entry vocational qualifications for a career in healthcare, through all undergraduates on professional training programmes to existing qualified members of the workforce undertaking higher level study to enable them to take on additional role responsibilities.HENW and healthcare organisations benefit from the available learning infrastructure functions through delivery of:

  • Quality requirements expected through the Education Outcomes Framework
  • Service priorities identified by NHS England through education and training requirements set out by Health Education England, as well as local priorities determined in the NW region
  • The capacity and capability of organisations in supporting learner activity
  • The need for education transformation to underpin  the urgent drive for workforce transformation


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