eRostering using RosterPro Central

Thursday, 20 September, 2012

Prior to the implementation of RosterPro Central, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust used a variety of legacy systems to produce and manage staff rosters. The variety of legacy systems meant the Trust could not easily access data to enable reporting and population of the Payroll system.  As of July 2012 the Trust has implemented RosterPro Central across 136 rosters covering approximately 2500 staff.  Key Outcomes  Roster Planning Benefits - Rosters are now being planned electronically with all required information readily availableQuality Benefits - Rosters more closely match the flexible working requirements of the staff whilst providing the correct skill mix and staffing levels to meet the need of both the Trust and patientsData Analysis Benefits - Rostering data is now being stored in one central database, which allows the Trust to analyse this informationEfficiency Benefits - Savings are driven by the accuracy of planned rosters and the efficient use of staff therefore reducing the need for agency staffFinancial Benefits - A comparison of one ward for the 08/09 financial year against the 09/10 financial year showed a decrease in spend on Bank Staff of £24,761- 

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