End of Life Care Training and Education in the North West

Wednesday, 31 August, 2016

Health Education England (working across the North West) has collaborative relationships with the End of Life Care Strategic Clinical Networks within the North West to ensure the effective planning and use of resources to support the training and development of the local workforce in key end of life care issues.

The training  supported  with the funding provided by HEE (NW) has enabled staff working in NHS settings, primary  & community care, voluntary and the private care sector  to benefit from education programmes and projects which have  enhanced knowledge and skills in amongst others the following key areas:

  • Advanced communications skills
  • Symptom and palliative care management
  • Implementation of palliative care guidelines
  • Developments such as a consistent evaluation of training framework

Both the strategic networks and HEE are currently developing their plan for the use of End of Life Care Funding 2016-2017.

For further information,  key contacts and documents see 'End of Life Care Training and Education in the North West' on the HEE website


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