Dadly Does It

Friday, 16 June, 2017

A 'Learning Matters' awards 2017 Case Study.

The core group is fathers with long-term histories of economic and social marginalisation. Many have experienced various childhood traumas, with associated complex and difficult family relationships and poor educational experiences.

The fathers often have poor quality of life – especially mental ill-health and social isolation – reflected in poverty, unemployment, homelessness, substance misuse and/ or criminal activity. They are at great risk of punitive and coercive interventions by public service agencies. The project is also important because, despite all the work by statutory and social organisations over many years, a significant proportion of children in places such as Salford are still unlikely to fulfil their potential and therefore face the risk of severe and multiple disadvantage. Their families tend to make disproportionate use of public services, which are being reduced or withdrawn.


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