2014 Adult IAPT Workforce Census Report

Wednesday, 14 January, 2015

The 2014 workforce census achieved a 95% response rate and provides a snapshot of the size and shape of the IAPT workforce at April 2014 in England.The 2014 Census was undertaken because there is currently no national data collection of IAPT practitioners by the Health and Social Care Information Centre.The IAPT team defined the workforce categories to facilitate accurate data collection and to reduce any ambiguities which had been known to impact upon the accuracy of returns in 2012. Respondents were given enhanced assistance and support to provide clarity on census categories when required. Careful validation of all returns, with advice from national advisors where necessary, has added to the confidence that HEE and NHS England have in the data presented in the 2014 census report.The report will be used to develop and maintain the IAPT workforce to ensure that more patients have access to a range of NICE approved and evidence based psychological therapies for the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders and inform HEE's planned investment in training in this area of healthcare in 2015/16. NHS England and HEE are committed to ensuring the 15% of prevalence access and 50% recovery outputs and outcomes are met. Accurate information about the current workforce is a crucial component of planning that will enable us to help develop a sustainable workforce to deliver this care.

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