High Impact Changes for Health and Wellbeing 2: Local Evidence-based Improvement Plans

Monday, 14 May, 2012

It is vital to develop and implement an evidence-based staff health and well-being improvement plan to meet your organisation’sneeds.To improve and protect the health of your staff, maximising the benefits of a healthy workforce to your organisation, you need to define your priorities and identify where you should target health and well-being action. Completing a needs assessment for your organisation will provide a baseline to measure the impact of the strategy you develop. Three initial steps are outlined to guide you in sourcing your baseline data.More in the series:

  •     Strong visible leadership
  •     Local evidence-based improvement plans
  •     Supported by improved management capability
  •     Access to better, local high quality accredited occupational health services
  •     Staff are encouraged, and enabled, to take more personal responsibility 


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