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Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Health Promotion Programme

This evidence-based programme of health promotion and support was created following the formation of a Health & Wellbeing Group in 2008 by Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, and the circulation of a staff survey to gain staff views regarding areas of support they wanted access to. It is centred around 6 key target areas set out by the Government in ‘Choosing Health, Making Healthier Choices Easier’ (2004)

Healthcare Assistant Development Programme for Paediatric Healthcare Support Workers

A Healthcare Assistant Development Programme was developed by Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust in 2012. Designed for healthcare assistants (HCAs) based in paediatric community, clinical or voluntary settings it is a bespoke, standardised qualitative development programme, mapped to national and local standards of care.It is an enabler for the HCA to examine how they apply the basic fundamentals of care practice, and how this is received by patients and families in terms of their personal experiences.