Lancashire and South Cumbria Change Programme Briefing

Tuesday, 26 April, 2016

Lancashire and South Cumbria Change Programme: 
New name, same commitment  

This briefing is to keep colleagues up to date about progress being made under the banner of Lancashire and South Cumbria Change Programme. We hope it is useful and welcome your questions on or on 01253 951630. Please get in touch if you need more information.

Since our last briefing note and in recognition of the Sustainability & Transformation Planning Footprint; Healthier Lancashire is now known as the Lancashire and South Cumbria Change Programme.  Whilst the name is new, the commitment to a shared change programme that will deliver a plan for sustainable health and care public services remains the same.

Building a Case for Change for Lancashire & South Cumbria

As you will recall, the Alignment of the Plans (AOP) project for the Lancashire health and care system delivered an evidenced based report in the following areas:

  1. It identified the size of the financial challenge over the next five years (£804m) under existing Lancashire service models
  2. It consolidated a Lancashire wide view of the current plans in place and how far they go to addressing the financial challenge (£312m). It also considered scheme alignment, gaps and the impact and interdependencies across health and social care organisations.
  3. It developed six possible options that the Lancashire health and social care system could explore further to close remaining service, financial and quality gaps.


What next?

Building on from the AOP the Lancashire Collaborative Commissioning Board with support from the Directors of Finance Network have commissioned a further piece of work to support the writing of a Lancashire and South Cumbria (LSC) Case for Change (CFC).

This project will provide a detailed understanding of LSC’s current major challenges against the ‘triple aims’ (health and wellbeing, care and quality, and finance and efficiency) and how those challenges are expected to evolve over the next 5 years.  The six strategic options identified in the AOP plus a further two will be analysed to determine what interventions will have the greatest impact to improve health and wellbeing, and those that will help close the quality and financial gaps.

I'm sure you'll agree that just as with the AOP project, the key success factor for delivery of this piece of work is that all members of the system work collaboratively at scale and pace.

It's time for us all to Communicate and Engage but more importantly Involve

During the six weeks there will be a number of engagement events with local health and care economy programmes as well as the Lancashire and South Cumbria Change Programme workstreams, to validate information and data and to consider the results of the analysis and the evidence base of where we might focus our change efforts.  The core team is co-ordinating these directly with people.

The engagement activities around the Case for Change require a best practice approach, so that the right things happen at the right time.  Communications and Engagement leads from across Lancashire co-designed an Involvement, Communication and Engagement Campaign to not just support and underpin the work going on across the system, but fundamentally to enable a change programme for Lancashire, and now South Cumbria also, that is of sufficient size and speed to deliver a plan for sustainable health and care public services.

Now that the Case for Change work is getting underway this campaign is getting mobilised.  The graphic below sets out the approach, recognising that we all have a responsibility when it comes to communication, engagement and involvement.  If you want to know more, please get in touch (details below).



Please get in touch via or on 01253 951630 if you have any questions.

How can you help?

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