Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust

Staff Perceptions Count in Developing a Health and Wellbeing Strategy

In 2010 this Trust commissioned a survey (ASSET) of staff perceptions of 7 key barriers to, and enablers of, wellbeing in the workplace. When these aspects of working life are well managed the workforce has good levels of psychological wellbeing and engagement.  The results of the survey are contributing to a new programme of evidence based work to determine the enablers and barriers to wellbeing and to the development of the Trust’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy. 

Getting the Most out of ESR using Establishment Control Functionality

This case study describes the introduction and some of the issues encountered when rolling out the use of the Establishment Control functionality of ESR at the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals Trust (RLBUHT) from 2009 onwards.  Workforce is the biggest single expenditure for the Trust. In order to manage this huge resource better, the Trust aimed to utilise the ESR establishment control system. This would provide the opportunity to link up to date financial information/budgets to HR information. 

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Programme

In 2012 a peer assisted learning programme was set up for student dietitians at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, which is part of the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust. This is an in-house training programme which was first run in September 2012 and is student self-directed learning with support from supervising dietitians.Topping and Ehly (1998) defined peer assisted learning as ‘the acquisition of knowledge and skills through active helping and supporting among status equals or matched companions’.

Inter-professional Oncology Study Day

The Inter-professional Oncology Study Day is one of a series of inter-professional study days available to multi-professional learners held within Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust (RLBUHT).The aims of the day are to improve learners’ appreciation and understanding of the oncology patient’s journey, and how they can influence this through a multidisciplinary team (MDT) collaborative approach. Complementary to this, a session is delivered to identify the MDT roles and approach in oncology.